What to Expect





Upon Arrival...

As you find your way to Peace In Christ, you will discover we have two parking lots.  Our main entrance is off of Maple Grove Rd.; however, we do have a second entrance off of Getchell Rd. as well.  You are invited to park anywhere there is an open space.  Handicap spots are located right up front by the building. Please feel free to pull under the carport and drop off anyone in your party before you go park. 

Then as you come through the front doors under the carport, one of the first things you will see is the Welcome Desk.  If you are joining us for the first time, please stop by for a small gift and some helpful information about our church.  Then as you proceed towards the sanctuary doors, our friendly greeters will hand you a bulletin and welcome you again.  The bulletin has our announcements for that week, as well as an order of the service on the right hand tab.  

Walking into Worship...

As you enter the sanctuary you will hopefully notice a few key pieces.  The old rugged cross hanging on the stone wall behind the altar grabs most people's attention first.  It has quite the story we would love to share with you once you have seen it.  The next thing you might notice is the big screen up on the wall on the pulpit side. Hopefully as you see it, announcement slides are already scrolling across it.  We use this screen for almost every service for our liturgy, hymns, and sermon aids.  

You are welcome to sit anywhere.  Most of our services are familiar Lutheran liturgy, but we do mix it up, too. Again, the big screen makes it easy to follow along.  Communion services are every second and fourth weekends of the month.  If you are a visitor who desires to commune with us, we ask that you either read our communion practice position on the big screen before the service or talk to one of the two pastors.

What to Wear?

We have people who wear suits and we have people who wear jeans but business casual is most common. God is glad you have come to hear His Word and receive His gifts, and we are too, no matter how you are dressed. 

What about Kids?

WE LOVE KIDS! Our congregation is proud to have many young families.  So you may hear some "kid noise" during the service, but that is also the sound of our faith being passed on to the next generation.  There is a cry room available in the back of the sanctuary if you have children who decide to get a little too rambunctious.  We include a children's message at every Sunday service.  If you have children, please encourage them to come up front during this portion of the service.  If they are a little shy, feel free to come up and sit beside them, after all, most of us are just big children at heart anyway.


Peace In Christ is blessed to have a wide range of musical talent.  So you may get to hear the organ, trumpets, flutes, cellos, chimes, our praise team, our adult choir, or even a soloist every now and then. Our praise team and adult choir always add their beautiful music to the service.  For more information check out our Music page. 

Leaving worship & Fellowship Time...

At the conclusion of the service, the pastors will make a few announcements about upcoming events and activities.  As you are ushered out, you will have the opportunity to greet both pastors in the back of the sanctuary.  

As you are leaving the 8am Sunday service, we invite you to stay for treats and coffee. This is a great time to meet some of the amazing people that make up our church.  If your plan is to come to the 10:45am service, we invite you to come early around 9:15 to join us for this social time.

Families in Faith Sunday School & Bible Study

Sunday school starts at 9:30am with all the kids and their parents meeting around round tables in the Fellowship Hall. 

Adult Bible study starts at 9:30am in the sanctuary.  

If you still have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the church office during the week to talk with one of the pastors.

May God bless your search to find a church home.  We pray Peace In Christ might be just the place for you!